"The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best you can become."

-Harold Taylor

A Big League strategy to level-up your life


Rooted in mental performance mastery and a foundational message that the strongest power for achievement resides within yourself, Jonah's "Prove Yourself Right" talk is sure to inspire all audiences of their capabilities.  With the ability to tailor key points to align with your group's individual needs, it is bound to resonate with you and your audience.


The top performers of any industry know that the key to sustaining success is commitment, accountability, and internalizing your motivation.  It is imperative for executives and athletes alike, looking to achieve the highest standards, to learn the secrets, habits, and tactics that will put you on top and, more importantly, stay on top.


There is no better medium to practice the tools for success than through exercise. Accountability, commitment, and focus are just a few fundamental staple to a great training program, as well as personal success.  You can develop success habits while living a healthier life!  I believe that's what they call a "win win."

It is time to stop worrying about what other people think and start proving yourself right!

Prove Yourself Right was developed over the course of a 20 year journey, culminating in a decade long professional baseball career and reaching the industry pinnacle, Major League Baseball.

To ascend the highest levels of baseball, we are taught that there are certain moments within a game, inning, or even at bat that can change the course of the game.  We are then trained to identify those situations as they are happening in order to achieve the outcome we desire.  The very same can be said in life.


As I reflected upon my career, I realized that the foundation on which all the success along the way built upon was, not only a belief in myself, but more importantly a desire to prove to

myself that it could be done.

We all have, or have had, a belief that we are capable of something.  If we can

learn how to internalize our motivation around that belief and recognize the

key moments that effect it, we can not only achieve success, but sustain it


The Prove Yourself Right system will guide you to what you want and allow

you live your life free of "What Ifs".

The irony is that we are all searching and striving to be our best and the answers are already inside us. 

I would LOVE to help you find yours!

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