Elite Pitcher Development

a program born from the trenches

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The missing pieces you didn't know existed

The Complete Development System

Learn the exact skills that Major League pitchers use to handle performing on the biggest stages and against the best hitters!

Know what the pros know, that it's not about arm strength, but how the body works in sequence to optimize its natural leverage

Sure, strength and power are important, but perhaps not as much as mobility and rate of force development!

You will not find this level of commitment to mental performance combined with hands on experience in all 3 areas under one roof anywhere else, making this program unlike any other!

All 3 areas of the program are anchored around a 2-way communication system that gives you around the clock access to any and all questions to ensure you are NEVER LEFT IN THE DARK!

"It's like having a pitching coach in your back pocket!"

Jonah Bayliss

Creator and performance

Jonah is a former Major League pitcher with a degree in Exercise Physiology & Human Movement, a double minor in Psychology and Sport Coaching, and a Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) certification.  His 10 years in professional baseball, at every level, and across 3 continents have molded one of the most fascinating and well-rounded approaches to develop available.

It all starts with the mind!


we will implement the same system used by

2 Major League Baseball Cy-Young Award winners, World Series Champions,

Team USA Baseball, multiple NCAA National Players of the Year and Team Champions,

and thousands of top athletes elite performers and worldwide...  FILTERED THROUGH MLB EXPERIENCE 

With the 10 pillars,

YOU WILL LEARN how to...

  1. curate and strengthen an Elite Mindset for accelerated growth and long term success

  2. develop consistent and sustained Motivation & Commitment

  3. execute to your potential at any give time with laser-like Focus & Awareness 

  4. achieve whatever you are after with rock-solid Discipline & Self-control 

  5. prioritize the Process Over Outcome to find true excellence

  6. use Visualization & Mental Imagery for next level preparation

  7. solidify consistency with Routines & Habits of Excellence

  8. never waste precious days with elite Organization & Time Management 

  9. develop Leadership that gets the most out of you and your team

  10. define your own Personal Culture that will keep you on a dead-straight path to your goals!

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Skill & Velocity Development

Are poor mechanics and energy leaks

Kinetic sequencing, anatomical leveraging, pressure manipulation, rotational and linear energy, potential to kinetic transfer... not only will you get a personalized approach to ALL OF THEM, but you'll become fluent in them yourself!!

sapping you of valuable velocity and power?

you will learn

  • What ACTUALLY determines your arm path 

  • How a simple mind shift can improve arm action

  • The best way to create direction to your target

  • The Linear/Rotational/Linear sequence for ultimate transfer

  • How to harness the energy within you AND around you

  • How different grips create different spins

  • The art of developing "Bite" on all of your pitches

  • How to throw consistent strikes

  • And much more

how we do it

  • Personalized video breakdown each week

  • Each video complete with visual AND verbal feedback

  • Weekly assignments focusing on the Most Important Task

  • 2-way communication to ensure TOTAL understanding

  • Ongoing assessments of bullpens and game performances

A Plan designed for YOU under the watch and guidance from someone who knows first hand what it takes to get the very most out everything you have

Custom Strength Programs

The pitching delivery is a combination of poetry and power.  The dance between rotational balance and force development, paired extraordinary demand placed on the shoulder make it unique to all positions in sports. 


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Your body must be able to handle

the requests you are going to ask of it!


  • Custom Programs tailored to the equipment you have access to

    • Work out at a full gym?  Maybe at your school?  Some "stuff" in your basement?​

    • You tell me what you have access to, and never  deal with "substituting" an exercise

  • Custom Programs designed specifically for your needs

    • Through testing, screening, and a history assessment we will determine exactly what you need

  • Intra-program adjustments ​

    • Feeling a little sore?  Minor "ding" from last night's game?  Out of town for a tourny?​

    • Through our 2-way communication system we can adjust on the fly

  • Monthly programs that build upon one another​

    • Not only does your program change as you get stronger, it also accounts for "in-season" demands and weekly workloads.​

  • Weekly text accountability

    • Through the very app that delivers your workouts right to your phone with vido demonstrations, we will be able to communicate through text and videos too!!​

  • Specific metric tracking

    • We will identify you performance markers that will make the biggest impact in YOUR development and track them over time to watch the improvement​

  • Initial movement screen/assessment

    • It's not always that you're not strong enough, but maybe you lack the mobility.  This will allow us to see any movement inefficiencies that might be hindering progress.  ​

  • Weekly Zoom check-ins​

    • Aside from our ongoing text communications, our Zoom times will gives us an opportunity to address any bigger issues and go over questions on form​

  • Nutrition tracking/coaching

    • We will start the conversation about macronutrients and the body's needs to, not only replenish what you're burning, but ensure that you have what you need to grow!​


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