-John Ford

"You can speak well if

your tongue can deliver the message of your heart."

Since my playing career, nothing makes me come alive more than the stage because I believe so whole-heartedly in the messages I am sharing.  Life and experiences have taught me that there is no better feeling than making an impact, big or small, in the world around you and I am extremely grateful for every opportunity I get to do so!

"Dreams don't have to die"

Step 1: Choose your message

Prove Yourself Right

This is Jonah's flagship message and the one that prompted his journey into public speaking.  It is based on the values to help you C.O.N.Q.U.E.R. your day, every day,  These are the same fundamentals that allowed him reach reach the pinnacle of his profession and the same ones that are translatable across all industries. 

  • Commitment

  • Accountability

  • Ownership

  • and more...

Stop wasting valuable time and energy focused on what other people think.  It is time to prove yourself right. 

Change Your Life In 60s

Reaction vs. Response.  The very slight, yet immensely important difference between those two words  can have a profound effect on our daily interaction with the world around us.  The minutia of time you have after every occurrence is your window of opportunity command your destiny

  • Recognize

  • Breathe

  • Respond

By understanding that we can not control the events, only how we chose to receive them, we can influence the results we want.  

The Moment of Influence

"Every major event, and its subsequent result, can be traced back to singular moment in time that led it there, a turning point, if you will.  From the day I first put on a professional baseball uniform, and especially as a pitcher, I was trained to identify where these moments exist throughout a game.  If you can identify them, you can then influence the outcome."


  • Identify

  • Adjust

  • Execute

You may not be able to control all facets of performance, but you can certainly influence most of them to put yourself on the best path for success

Step 2: Decide your desired amount of engagement

45-60 min

  • All 3 messages were developed and designed to fit this window

  • "Meshing 2 messages together" can be done (contact Jonah)

75-90 min

  • Typically include a full length talk and 1-2 workshop exercises

  • Workshops would be tailored to the size of the audience

2-3 hrs

  • Extremely customizable

  • Typically 1-2 talks and 2-4 workshop, but can be adjusted to meet your custom expectations  

Step 3: Contact Jonah

Reach out today and get your conversation started

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